If there’s any reason why my life has been interesting or fruitful in any way, good or bad, it’s simply because of this one fact: I have remarkable parents.  They haven’t always made my life easy – like the time they drove four hours to crash my best friend’s wedding to convince – nay, force- me to go out with a boy – but they equipped me to take the world on with constitution and faith. My parents live their lives with an emphasis on quality and less on the quantity, and this was progressive in a brown world that places great value on success, social status, and power.

I decided to write down my life journey thus far not just because I think I’ve had interesting experiences, but because I was given by my parents unique metaphorical and philosophical glasses to see it all through.  So, when I lived in a third-world country drowning in medical textbooks, down to 86 pounds, clinically depressed beyond belief, I somehow found the strength to pull myself up by my bootstraps to evolve.

This idea of self-evolution was something that started happening even before I even realized that it was. Along with metaphorical glasses, I also possess an uncanny emotional memory power that allows me to recall personal memories in remarkably vivid detail. I look back at the last 12 years of my life, and I hardly recognize that wide-eyed girl who boarded a plane to Grenada to start a new epoch in her life. My journey since then has been anything but smooth – but damn, how I’ve evolved since then. And honestly… It has all only just begun.


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